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What is Fluorosis?
It occurs when a person is exposed to high concentrations of Fluoride especially through drinking water. Low concentrations of fluoride are beneficial to teeth and bones
Across the world especially in areas that have had significant volcanic activity, there exist high concentrations of fluoride and millions of people are exposed to high fluoride water annually.

The three main impacts of exposure to high flouride are:
Enamel Fluorosis- Teeth are porous, allows protein and gaps and pretty much disintegrate as tooth matures (severe browning due to oxidation)
Skeletal Fluorosis – Severe calcification of bones to the point where there is decreased range of motion and becomes crippling to the individual
Bone Fractures – In certain instances, people exposed to high fluoride concentrations exhibit very brittle bones and perpetually in casts and thus unable to work.

How do we plan on removing fluoride from drinking water?
We will use HAIX-ZrO ion exchange resin which recyclable, and purifies both fluoride and arsenic. The resin is in such low volume that it does not pose a biohazard storage problem. Also, there will be lower greenhouse gas emissions due to reduced use of charred bone as a filter.

How can you know if your water has high fluoride?
If you get water from a well or water source that is in the Rift Valley and you have noticed that people in your region have tooth discoloration, you are probably consuming water with high fluoride levels…

What can you do?
Contact us through the contact form below and we can have your water tested and if your water has high fluoride concentrations then your water source may qualify for a fluoride filter.