About Fluoride

What is actually removing the fluoride?
HAIX/ZrO has been in operation in rural communities over numerous cycles of exhaustion– regeneration for the removal of Arsenic. All necessary testing and system maintenance is organized by community-level water staff.  Preliminary work has shown that it is also effective against high fluoride in water that has many dissolved minerals.

Why do we need new technology?

  • Remove fluoride more effectively from water- HAIX/ZrO Ion exchange complex (Sengupta patent 13/860,984 – 2013) removes 8-10 times more fluoride than the archaic BoneChar process which has been in use for centuries.
  • Improve water quality for all consumers – use of bonechar sometimes results in non-palatable water due to the smell of the water.

With an appropriate implementation model, HAIX-based treatment can rapidly scale and provide fluoride-safe water to at-risk populations.  This is where Avo Global has come in, we will be establishing 5 filtration units throughout the Kenyan Rift Valley as part of the scale process for fluoride removal. This will be done in partnership with women’s groups.

What happens to the fluoride that is removed and is it dangerous to the environment?

Removed fluoride is safely stored in a scientifically and environmentally appropriate manner to prevent future hazards to animals or people.