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What is Fluorosis?
It occurs when a person is exposed to high concentrations of Fluoride especially through drinking water. Low concentrations of fluoride are beneficial to teeth and bones
Across the world especially in areas that have had significant volcanic activity, there exist high concentrations of fluoride and millions of people are exposed to high fluoride water annually.

The three main impacts of exposure to high flouride are:
Enamel Fluorosis- Teeth are porous, allows protein and gaps and pretty much disintegrate ...

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About Fluoride

What is actually removing the fluoride?
HAIX/ZrO has been in operation in rural communities over numerous cycles of exhaustion– regeneration for the removal of Arsenic. All necessary testing and system maintenance is organized by community-level water staff.  Preliminary work has shown that it is also effective against high fluoride in water that has many dissolved minerals.

Why do we need new technology?

  • Remove fluoride more effectively from water- HAIX/ZrO Ion exchange complex (Sengupta patent 13/860,984 – ...
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